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Welcome to a blog completely devoted to the establishment of a cloistered monastery. The Board of Directors will frequently post updates, news and spiritual insights to share the progress and joy with you. Enjoy this holy space dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Her Carmelite Monks in Wyoming's Rockies!


Br. Gabriel Marie's Temporary Profession

On this beautiful feast of the Annunciation, the Foundation rejoices with the monks at the news of Br. Gabriel Marie of the Annunciation's temporary profession of the vows of obedience, chastity, and poverty. Br. Gabriel Marie's family is currently visiting their son and all the Fathers and brothers for a few days of celebration on this special occasion in Brother's life.

We cannot begin to describe in word's how amazing it is to be a part of this growing monastery. To see young men lay down their lives in the living of the evangelical counsels, leaving everything to follow the Lord Jesus, is such an amazing sign of youthful vitality in Holy Church! Br. Gabriel Marie is just one of three monks to profess temporary vows in this year of our Lord, 2011. Please pray for our Wyoming Carmelites and may our Lady of Mount Carmel continue to bless this joyful, prayerful community with generous young men to follow the contemplative call of the Lord.


Two Clothings for St. Joseph

On the glorious, and very Carmelite feast day of St. Joseph yesterday, March 19, the monastery was blessed to have two of its youngest members clothed in the Holy Habit and receive their new names in religion. Paul Bennier from Nebraska was clothed as Br. Joseph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Andrew Bridges of Colorado received the name Br. Isidore Mary of the Holy Face. Both Br. Joseph and Br. Isidore Mary were radiant yesterday with the love and peace of the Lord as they took the next step in their religious formation. They look great in the habit and are a blessed addition to the already full novitiate here in Wyoming. Please keep both Br. Isidore Mary and Br. Joseph in your prayers and please, please keep praying for the funds necessary that this monastery may continue growing. God knows how desperately these monks need larger living quarters to keep doing the wonderful, essential work of forming holy priests and monks for the Church! God bless each of you.


Just as water...

Recently I stumbled upon a quote that seems very appropriate as we begin Lent. Lent is a holy time to follow Jesus Crucified by our prayer and sacrifice. I believe that this quote is from Cassian and goes something like this,

"Just as water extinguishes fire, so too alms extinguish sin!"

This has been a particularly good Lenten meditation. During Lent we each strive to root out vice and grow in virtue, in a word to become more Christ-like.

We seek to die to sin that we may have life in Christ Jesus! One great Lenten practice is to give alms to those less fortunate and those in need, so isn't it beautiful to think that by our alms-giving we are able to root out sin!

As you know, we are one of those causes most in need of each dollar we receive to house this growing community of Carmelite monks. Throughout these days of Lent, as we journey with Jesus to Calvary, we ask for your continued generosity, so necessary to continue funding the blue-prints and the installation of infra-structure to the building site.

By our alms, we request the prayers of these holy monks in a special way and we can be certain that they will ask our Lady of Mount Carmel and her Divine Son to obtain for us and for those we love the graces of conversion. If your families are like ours, there is certainly someone in need of deeper conversion this Lent, maybe even yourself.

Consider making a gift to help the monastery continuing growing, so that you may share more powerfully in the grace of the Carmelite life and watch the miracles happen! God love you and grant you his peace during these days as we prepare for Easter!

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