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Welcome to a blog completely devoted to the establishment of a cloistered monastery. The Board of Directors will frequently post updates, news and spiritual insights to share the progress and joy with you. Enjoy this holy space dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Her Carmelite Monks in Wyoming's Rockies!


Hail, Holy Queen!

Today as we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in union with the whole Church, we pray in a very particular way for each one of you led by Mary to visit this website and support our critical work for the Wyoming Carmelites. The Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel has graciously blessed the Board of Directors this past year with great progress towards the realization of a larger, solitary monastery at last for the monks to make their permanent home;

Br. Luke

for this progress, we are so very grateful. Since there remains much work yet to be done, we pray, and ask each of you to unite your prayers to ours and to the monks, that the Blessed Virgin of Mt Carmel may envelope this holy project in Her white mantle and bring this work to fruition in Jesus' Holy Name.

On this beautiful feast, we thank our Lady in a very particular way at the blessed news of Br. Luke of the Holy Family's temporary profession of vows. This grace-filled day was made particularly special by Brother's family's unexpected visit all the way from Canada. May it please Jesus, Mary and Joseph that good Br. Luke persevere in his holy vocation these next three years in expectation of his perpetual profession of vows.

Br. Luke

How good it is indeed to see this joy-filled community growing and thriving under Mary's maternal mantle of love and protection. With your assistance, this monastery shall be built and this holy manner of living forevermore protected in Wyoming's solitary mountains. God love you and our Lady of Mt Carmel bless you!

Br. Paul Marie's Temporary Profession

The Board of Directors is filled with gratitude to the Lord to learn of Br. Paul Marie of the Cross' temporary profession on May 31st, the Feast of our Lady, Mediatrix of All Graces in Carmel. The monks have been honored to get to know Br. Paul Marie's family during these grace-filled days, since they were able to come all the way from Australia to share this special time with their son. Please keep Br. Paul Marie in your prayers and join with us in thanking God for the profession of this much loved son of Carmel.


The Gift of the Brown Scapular

As members of the Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce that Monday, May 16th, the Feast of St. Simon Stock saw two more young men receive the woolen habit of the Wyoming Carmelites. Father Daniel Mary clothed Br. Seraphim Mary of the Assumption (formerly known as Thomas Heffernan) and Br. Raphael Maria of the Trinity (Jonathan Shoulta) as the community's two newest novices.

What a great day of blessings for the monastery to see Br. Seraphim Mary and Br. Raphael Maria don the Holy Habit of Carmel! We rejoice with the monks and all of you to know that two more men have left everything to follow Christ, offering their lives as men of prayer and men of devotion to Jesus and Mary for us all. Let us remember both Br. Seraphim Mary and Br. Raphael Maria in our prayers.

As we recall St. Simon Stock who received the Brown Scapular from our Lady, let us honor this beloved saint by treasuring the gift of the brown scapular, which has incorporated each of us in the family of Carmel and made us true sons of the Virgin Mary!

St. Simon Stock, pray for us.


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