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Welcome to a blog completely devoted to the establishment of a cloistered monastery. The Board of Directors will frequently post updates, news and spiritual insights to share the progress and joy with you. Enjoy this holy space dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Her Carmelite Monks in Wyoming's Rockies!


Built to Last 1,000 Years

One of the most exciting aspects of building this monastery is the amazing thought that this house of God will last for the next 1,000 years. What an amazing thought that 1,000 years from now a contemplative monk will live in this same blessed solitude and priests and laity will come on retreat to worship God in the buildings we now labor to build for the Lord! When we look around at our homes and the other buildings in our towns, we quickly realize that few of them will still remain in 1,000 years, but rest assured that this monastery will still stand strong and glorious one thousand years from now. As we write, our architect and engineers work diligently to ensure that every aspect of the building from its foundational integrity to the materials employed, all will endure as a reminder of the stability of our Holy Faith.

In these days as we prepare to break ground, the Lord asks us to help in this work as a sign of our love for monasticism and Carmel. We make sacrifices today and show ourselves as men devoted to God; your sacrifice and ours shall remind the generations to come that we were willing to give our best to God!

You and I shall some day be called to the Lord, but Carmelite monks will continue to pray and offer their lives at the New Mount Carmel; in the solitude of the mountains, the Carmelites of countless generations to come shall remember us who now labor to build this house of God. Let us be encouraged and give the Lord the "first fruits" of our time, talent, and treasure, so that He may use us, his servants for his glory and the salvation of countless souls!

Humble Gratitude

As we close this year, we are so grateful for the many blessings that have come to us through the hands of our Blessed Mother and the Baby Jesus. Just to think that we have been able to successfully purchase a solitary piece of mountain land for our beloved Carmelites fills us with absolute joy! When we behold the New Mount Carmel and see the road carved in, we are overwhelmed to think that this will be the solitary home the Carmelite monks have been begging God to grant them. In short, 2010 has been a year of so many miracles, miracles made possible by your love.

Monks hike in snow.

Monks hike in snow.

We also look ahead to the many blessings that await us in the year to come. Trusting in Divine Providence and your love for this monastic community, we hope to be able to break ground in the spring. What a beautiful labor of love it is for each of us to help the monks have a permanent monastery where they may flourish in their holy vocation!

Br. Paul Marie

As members of the Board, we are dedicated to assisting the monks with all our strength that no vocations may be turned away!

Monks practicing chant.

In these last days of 2010, if you find yourself moved by God's abundant grace, please help us to help the monks. We are saving every penny, nickle and dime to break ground, so every little bit counts. If you are looking for a last minute opportunity to make a tax-exempt gift, please use our Donate page and we will be happy to acknowledge each gift with a letter for your tax purposes.

Monks high mass.

May God reward each of you and may 2011 be a year of choicest graces and blessings from the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts as we build up Holy Mother Church!


Snow + Carmelites = Sledding

Although the Carmelite monks live a dedicated life of prayer and penance, these men are truly joyful. Their community life is permeated by great peace and true brotherly love. Filled with the holy joy of Christmas, the monks enjoyed a day of sledding at the New Mount Carmel. It is great to see the monks faces with huge smiles! Please enjoy these most recent pictures:

A monk sleds.

The monks sled.

A monk sleds.

Since the winter snow and cold have stopped the installation of infrastructure, at least for the moment, the monks were at least able to share a day of joy in the mountains until they are able to move to mountain solitude. Isn't it awesome that Carmelites have fun too!

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