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Welcome to a blog completely devoted to the establishment of a cloistered monastery. The Board of Directors will frequently post updates, news and spiritual insights to share the progress and joy with you. Enjoy this holy space dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Her Carmelite Monks in Wyoming's Rockies!


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Progress Update

This afternoon the Foundation met with GDA Engineers, our land use attorney Joey Darrah, a representative of McCrery Architects, and our realtor Rita Lovell of Canyon Real Estate.  This dedicated and faithful team has made tremendous progress.  While the… more »

Architectural Spotlight

McCrery Architects has updated their fine website to now include a post on the New Mount Carmel of America as one of their current projects. The page includes a brief project description in addition to a slideshow presentation with a watercolor renderin… more »

GDA Engineers Showcase the New Mt Carmel

GDA Engineers has added to their website an exciting showcase featuring their work for the Foundation.  They have been very busy performing the topographic survey of the building site and beginning the survey, while also examining the title and easements… more »

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