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Welcome to a blog completely devoted to the establishment of a cloistered monastery. The Board of Directors will frequently post updates, news and spiritual insights to share the progress and joy with you. Enjoy this holy space dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Her Carmelite Monks in Wyoming's Rockies!


Yearly Foundation Newsletter

We are very excited to present you with our yearly Foundation newsletter.  You will find the latest updates and progress reports for the founding of the New Mount Carmel.  After a year of discernment and prayer, we have fine-tuned our monastery design.  Catch a few glimpses of the new design in this newsletter.  You will also find out what the monks worked on at the New Mount Carmel during the summer and spring.  Lastly, see how close we are to realizing our goal of breaking ground at the New Mount Carmel and be a part of this holy endeavor.  To all we pray a peaceful and blessed Advent as together we await the birth of Our Lord Jesus. Click on the image below to download the newsletter:


Progressing towards Construction

As is the case when any great work is undertaken for the Lord, progress towards construction is proceeding at God's pace not ours. During these past months of silence on this blog, great strides have been made on multiple fronts.

When we last wrote, we shared with you the critical work that had begun by the monks to review thoroughly the design in consideration particularly of size and proportions. With the monks' great concern for maintaining monastic poverty and ensuring that the design is in accord with their charism, the review and revisions of the design have been completed by the Fathers and Brothers and are currently being reviewed by our Foundation and the diocesan bishop. We hope to post the revised design in the upcoming months as soon as this phase of careful discernment is completed.

Road Construction

In the meantime, the beautiful weather of summer and your generosity allowed the monks to nearly complete the much needed upgrade to an all weather gravel road to the building site. Thanks be to God the monks were able to improve the road themselves without hiring outside help, saving the Foundation a tremendous amount of money.

In early September, the Foundation Board had the great privilege of sitting with Bishop Etienne to inform him of our progress on these many fronts. The Bishop's enthusiasm for this project and gratitude for your support cannot be overstated. In his great wisdom and in accord with our responsibility to be good stewards, we presently are working to establish a reasonable project budget. The Bishop has asked us to raise 100% of the funding for Phase 1 prior to the beginning of construction.

Road Construction

As the monastic community continues to grow and form their novices, their need to be established at the new property becomes more imperative by the day. Accordingly, we have proposed with the Bishop's approval that Phase 1 consist of the construction of the refectory building, which contains the dining area, kitchen, shower and bathroom facilities, library, and a make-shift chapel. Upon completion of this building, the Fathers and Brothers will be able to move to the new property and utilize temporary structures for their monastic cells or bedrooms until funding permits further construction. In all honesty, your generosity has the power to determine the scope of construction completed in the near future. The more funds we have available to us, the quicker the monastery will be built.

Road Construction

Presently the New Mount Carmel Foundation has saved approximately two million dollars and earlier in the year received a $1.2 million dollar matching pledge towards the realization of Phase 1. Friends, we are very close to actually having 100% of the cost estimated for Phase 1 if we could only get the matching pledge filled. Having received a few generous contributions of late, we have raised approximately a quarter of the $1.2 million necessary. Please be as generous as you can at this time. Your much needed charity is precious in the eyes of the Lord and the Holy Virgin! On behalf of Bishop Etienne, Fr Daniel Mary, and all the monks, we thank you for your goodness as we look forward to beginning this next step of construction! God love you.

Upcoming Discernment Retreat

The Carmelite Fathers and Brothers will be hosting a discernment retreat for young men between the ages of 18 and 35 who are discerning vocations to the consecrated life, brotherhood, and priesthood. As you know, the Carmelites are receiving many solid, prayerful young vocations and this discernment retreat will provide these young men with an opportunity to get to know the charism of the Wyoming Carmelites, work alongside the monks, and a chance to receive spiritual direction and vocation direction from the Carmelites.

If you know a young man between the ages of 18 and 35 whom God might be calling to the contemplative life, please encourage them to call the Vocation Director, Fr. Joseph Marie or the Assistant Vocation Director, Br. Elias by telephone at 307-645-3310.

May the Holy Spirit guide the discernment of these young men and bless this time of retreat from June 22-27, 2012!

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